Monday, 7 September 2015

Malaysia “Great Buttress of Freedom in Asia" - Truth or Fiction? (Updated Editor's Note on 9 Sep 2015)

Malaysia “Great Buttress of Freedom in Asia" - Truth or Fiction?

Lina Soo

Lina Soo (in the middle) presented her speech entitled "Malaysia 'Great Buttress of Freedom in Asia' - Truth or Fiction?"  in "The New Phase of Democratic Reform in Malaysia" forum organised by Sahabat Rakyat held on 6 Sep 2015 at DeFortune Restaurant, Kulai. 

[Editor's Note]: The followings are the slides presented by Lina Soo in the forum. The organiser requested all panel speakers including Lina to submit paper prior to the forum so that their views can be fully elaborated for readers to have a precise understanding. In the absence of paper from Lina, we can only upload the slides presented by Lina in the forum to our blog to allow readers to gain some basic understanding on the contents presented by her. To avoid misinterpretation of the slide contents and to ensure readers understand Lina's views correctly, we anticipate that she will furnish us with her paper within a reasonable timeframe e.g. a week time and we will replace the slides below with her paper.


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