Sahabat Rakyat akan mengemukakan pendapat khusus mengenai situasi politik di negara kita selepas "Rampasan kuasa Sheraton" pada 9 September 2020 untuk tatapan rakan semua bangsa dan semua strata yang komited terhadap reformasi demokratik tulen negara kita. Kami bersedia bertukar pendapat dan saling belajar dengan semua rakan-rakan sehaluan.


Bersatu padu, mempertahankan reformasi demokrasi tulen, buangkan khayalan, menghalang pemulihan Mahathirism.

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人民之友恭祝各界2021新年进步、万事如意!在新的一年里,联合起来,坚持真正的民主改革! 抗拒'马来霸权统治'! 丢掉幻想,阻止马哈迪主义复辟!

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新加坡“5•13学生运动” 有/没有马共领导的争论【之一】与【之二】

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马来西亚民主改革的新阶段 / The New Phase of Democratic Reform in Malaysia / Fasa Baru Reformasi Demokratik di Malaysia

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人民之友根据2017年9月24日发表的《人民之友 对我国第14届大选意见书 》的内容与精神以及半年来国内和国外的政治形势,对5月9日投票提出具体意见,供全国选民参考。



Sunday, 31 March 2013

My Expectations of the Hindraf's Struggle Led by Waytha Moorthy 展望瓦塔慕迪领导兴权会的斗争

My Expectations of the Hindraf's Struggle 
Led by Waytha Moorthy


Author: Choo Shinn Chei (Member of Sahabat Rakyat Johore Working Committee)

From left: Waytha Moorthy, Ang Pei Shan, Yong Siew Lee, Yong Siew Lee, 
Choo Shinn Chei. Back onto camera : Chen Xin.

On 10 March 2013, Yong Siew Lee, Ang Pei Shan, Chen Xin and I left Johor Bahru and headed north to a Hindu temple in Rawang. We dropped by Bangi to fetch Nyam Kee Han who furthers his Masters Degree in UKM and had lunch together in Bangi. Five of us attended a prayer ceremony for the launching of Waytha Moorthy’s Hunger Viratham in a temple in Rawang. We arrived earlier not only to show Sahabat Rakyat’s support towards Hindraf’s struggle, but also to meet and have a conversation with Waytha Moorthy before his Hunger Viratham began. We intended to have a better understanding of Hindraf’s future direction under the current circumstances. We heartily expressed our opinion on the related topics as well.

Waytha Moorthy shared with us about his several prospects of the poor Malaysian Indians’ struggle against the racist rule. In my view, some of the content brings about practical significance to the struggle of the Malaysian people against the racist rule, especially the struggle for the fundamental rights of the Indians and the other minority communities. The ideas are worthy of reference to the democratic parties, groups and individuals.

The following are my summary of his sharing:

(1) Hindraf is an NGO fighting for the rights of Indian poor through mass struggle. Hindraf intends to actively participate in the parliamentary struggle to resolve the marginalized dilemma hitherto faced by the Indian community. There is a need for Hindraf to introduce their candidates of peoples’ representatives (wakil rakyat), who have deep understanding on marginalized Indian community to the Parliament. They will call for just demands, and to put forward the core demands of Hindraf opposing institutionalized racism to the Parliament as urgent agenda. They hope to gain support internationally by lobbying governments and the masses abroad, in order to find a way out for the Indian poor in Malaysia the soonest possible.

(2) Waytha Moorthy made it very clear that Hindraf is a NGO (non-governmental organization) fighting for the rights and dignity of Indian poor, whereas Human Rights Party (HRP) is a political party for certain class or certain stratum of a society to realize their political goals. Hindraf and HRP are completely different groups which cannot be equated. Waytha Moorthy had informed media numerous times that Uthayakumar, his brother, is not the de-facto leader of Hindraf, this includes officially re-informed Free Malaysia Today and Malaysiakini few days back, but they just ignored it. They seem to create the confusion deliberately so that Hindraf will always be misunderstood and ostracized.

(3) As the 13th General Election is looming, Hindraf is very keen to work hand in hand with Pakatan Rakyat (PR). Hindraf had organized 17 official and unofficial meetings with PR’s leaders over the past few months. Nowadays Hindraf gains wide support from the Indian masses, especially in some states with high Indian population. As long as PR endorsed Hindraf’s 5-Year Blueprint in a clear binding way, Hindraf will mobilize their cadres around the country to campaign for PR and call upon the people especially the Indian community to vote for PR. In the mixed constituencies consist of significant proportion of Indian voters, Indian votes will play a decisive factor, Hindraf will definitely make contributions towards the victory of PR in the election.

(4) Waytha Moorthy requested direct response from PR on the 5-year Blueprint. He used the complete failure of Chinese organizations’ ‘Su Qiu’ (demands) in 1999 as an example to explain why Hindraf must get a binding commitment from the coming-to-power political party before the general election. In the year 1999, Mahathir, the former Prime Minister, verbally promised and endorsed the ‘Su Qiu’ before the election but then “settled old scores” after the election. Hindraf will no longer convey unconditional support to the opposition parties as what they did in 2007, especially in the current political situation which is stern, complicated and changes frequently. In fact, he would very much like to listen to the views from PR’s leaders about the 5-Year Blueprint, and is prepared to make some adjustment, but PR’s leaders have not given any official response till today, which has caused great disappointment of Hindraf towards PR’s leaders.

(5) He and his fellow leaders realized that there are only Chinese populations who rise up against the racist rule in the past that resulted in repeated failure. The Indian community is unable to fight for the fundamental rights and defend their ethnic dignity in isolation. In order to succeed, they have to unite with the other forces from the other ethnics that struggle for democratic rights and promote social reforms. Otherwise, the struggle will suffer crushing defeat. Therefore, he attaches importance to the cooperation with Sahabat Rakyat and feels grateful that we arrived at the scene to show our support to Hindraf’s struggle.

I was deeply impressed by his sincerity and full concentrations throughout the discussions. We put forward the following comments for his reference:

1. Regarding the immediate question of how to deal with BN and PR, Hindraf has to clearly demonstrate its position. The political approach to fully satisfy the aspirations and demands of the people from various ethnics is to dump BN into the dustbin of history. This is also the political call jointly released by the Sahabat Rakyat Johore Working Committee and Hindraf Johor in the "Letter from Johore NGOs to the Johore people" upon the 13th General Election, which read “Unite! Smash UMNO Hegemony, Form a Democratic United Front.” This democratic united front does not only include the three parties in Pakatan Rakyat who are confronting BN, it must also unite all the other political parties, NGOs and individuals from all walks of life who are opposed to the UMNO-BN rule.

2. The UMNO-dominated BN government has been deceiving the people of all ethnics for the past 55 years. In order to prolong their political rule, they have no other option but to continue with the trickery and deception to fish for votes. People of every ethnic, particularly the Indian communities must not harbor any illusion about BN! We would like to use the following words as our mutual encouragement with Hindraf and the Indian communities. The late Lim Lian Geok who is regarded as the “Soul of the Malaysian Chinese” once said: “equal rights are more important than life itself; I would die rather than suffer inequality.” During his 80th birthday event, he openly stated that: “Malaysia is a multi-ethnic nation. We are for multiculturalism and co-prosperity among all ethnic groups. It is all bunkum if what is said and done is against that principle!”

3. We agree with Waytha Moorthy to effectively fight for the fundamental human rights and ethnic dignity of the Indian community through mass struggle and parliamentary struggle. It would be good enough if PR leaders could allow Hindraf representatives to contest under the banner of PR in at least two (the more the better) parliamentary seats. As far as he and Hindraf persist with the non-partisan stand of a peoples’ representative organization, they will gain wide supports among the democratic parties, groups and individuals and certainly we will continue to work closely with them. If they are persistent in their stand to struggle for the rights and dignity of the Indian poor, not to entertain any illusion about the UMNO BN ruling clique, and to unite the struggle with the anti-racism forces from the other communities, it is believed that the aspirations to put forward the core demands to repeal Article 153 of the Federal Constitutions in the parliament will be materialized definitely.

民主行动党寻找途径 以获得印裔族群支持 DAP plans roadmap to net Indian support


DAP plans roadmap to net Indian support

作者 / 来源 :K.Kabilan / 自由今日大马3月30日发表


八打灵再也讯: 民主行动党资深领袖林吉祥准备明天晚上在振林山举行的一个群众集会上,宣布其党所提出的为改善印裔族群困境的蓝图。


一名不愿透露姓名的民主行动党高层领袖告记者称 ,"这是民主行动党的主动精神表现。我们希望我们的民联伙伴人民公正党和伊斯兰党,将会认同和签署我们的这份蓝图。"


” 这名高层领袖还说,“这项会议是林吉祥为找出印裔族群对民联的支持逐渐减弱的原因而召开的 "、"我们告诉他,原因有几个,其中包括对民联整体上忽视了印裔族群的认知和看法。"

他补充说,民联的大选宣言,完全忽略了 改善印裔族群困境的计划, 是造成印裔族群不满民联的一个主要原因。




这名领袖说,“我们正在抓紧时间把建议集中起来,好让林吉祥明日可以宣布” 、”如果我们在人民公正党和伊斯兰党的伙伴也同意的话,我们就可以把这个蓝图当做在全国范围内改善印裔族群困境的同样蓝图。”


另一名知情的民主行动党领袖告《自由今日大马》称,民主行动党在蓝图中的建议,将不会吸纳由兴权会所提的许多诉求 。











另一党内消息来源告《自由今日大马》称,虽然印裔领袖要求今次大选(出战)更多议席,可是党领袖甚至可能减少到 7个议席。



DAP plans roadmap to net Indian support 民主行动党寻找途径 以获得印裔族群支持

DAP plans roadmap to net Indian support

Author / Source : K.Kabilan / Free Malaysia Today (published on 30 March) 

DAP plans to announce its proposals for the Indian community in Gelang Patah tomorrow (31 March), hoping that PKR and PAS will endorse it as a Pakatan blueprint.

PETALING JAYA: DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang is expected to announce the party’s blueprint for the Indian community at a ceramah in Gelang Patah tomorrow night.

The blueprint will include DAP’s proposals to uplift the Indian community within the first 100 days of Pakatan Rakyat taking over Putrajaya in the next general election.

“This is a DAP initiative. We hope our Pakatan Rakyat partners PKR and PAS will endorse our blueprint,” said a top DAP leader who wished to remain anonymous.

Lim’s announcement tomorrow is a result of a high profile meeting yesterday in Kuala Lumpur between Lim and several Indian leaders from DAP.

“The meeting was called by Lim who wanted to know why the Indian support was waning for Pakatan. “We told him that there were several reasons, including the perception that Pakatan had overlooked the Indian community on the whole,” said the leader.

He added that the absence of a plan for the Indian community in Pakatan’s manifesto was a major cause for the community’s displeasure against Pakatan.

“Here we are going to the ground, asking the community not to vote for Barisan Nasional on the premises that they are marginalising the Indians, and then we have the Pakatan manifesto which totally overlooks the community,” he said.

He said Lim was surprised by the issues raised at the meeting and had immediately tasked the Indian leaders in DAP to come up with a blueprint which he will announce in Gelang Patah tomorrow. Lim is DAP’s candidate for Gelang Patah.

“We are now fighting for time to put together our proposals so that Lim can announce it tomorrow.

“If agreed by our partners in PKR and PAS, we can use this same blueprint in the national level as our grand plan for the Indian community,” said the leader.

Not following the Hindraf line

Another DAP leader privy to the matter told FMT that the proposals in the DAP blueprint would not incorporate the demands made by Hindraf.

“We feel that Hindraf is too demanding and extreme in their blueprint for the community. They seem to have ignored the fact that Malaysia is a multi-racial nation,” the DAP leader said.

He added that while DAP supported Hindraf leader P Waythamoorthy’s cause in principle, they however were not in the same boat on matters pertaining to the means of uplifting the Indian community.

“There are certain accepted conditions in the country. We will have to work around that. We can’t be asking for everything suddenly, demanding that all must be done immediately.

“The DAP blueprint will give us a framework which is workable for the Indian community. There are things that can be done in the first 100 days of Pakatan’s rule, if that happens. And then other matters will be pursued as we move along.

“We are determined not to leave the Indian community behind. Lim and the other party leaders know this. And after the announcement tomorrow night, other Pakatan leaders too would know our plan,” he said.

The DAP Indian leaders also realise that there is an urgent need for Pakatan to tackle the slide in the Indian support. They also realise that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has been making many concessions to the Indian community, resulting in the community’s support heading back to the BN.

More seats for Indian candidates

On another matter, another DAP leader who attended the meeting with Lim told FMT that they have also sought for more Indian leaders to be placed as candidates in the coming general election.

“In 2008, DAP placed eight Indian candidates for parliamentary seats. Of this we won seven seats, losing only in Cameron Highlands.

“This time around we have asked for more seats and are confident that if given, we would be able to win handsomely,” said the leaders.

Other DAP internal sources told FMT that while the Indian leaders have asked for more seats for this election, the party leadership may even reduce the number to seven.

Among the seats sought by the Indian leaders are two parliamentary seats in Johor, including one in Segamat where MIC deputy president Dr S Subramaniam is the incumbent. They are also seeking for one parliamentary seat in Kuala Lumpur.

The DAP Indians leaders have identified several young but well known grassroots leaders as their potential candidates, pending the final approval of the party hierarchy.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

展望瓦塔慕迪领导兴权会的斗争 My Expectations of the Hindraf's Struggle Led by Waytha Moorthy


作者: 朱信杰(柔佛州人民之友工委)





(一)     兴权会是为贫困的印裔族群争取人权进行群众斗争的非政府组织。兴权会要积极参与议会斗争以解决印裔族群长期以来被边缘化的困境。兴权会需要推出真正深入了解印裔族群被边缘化的人民代议士,到国会发出国内印裔族群的正义呼声、把兴权会反对制度性种族主义的核心诉求提到国会的议事日程上来,以及到国外向各国政府和人民进行游说工作,争取更多国内外力量的支持,尽快解决国内贫困的印裔族群的出路问题。

(二)     瓦塔慕迪清楚表示,兴权会是专为贫困的印裔族群的权利和尊严而奋斗的非政府组织(也就是民间组织)、人权党则是印裔族群中某些阶级或阶层人士实现其政治目标的政党组织,兴权会和人权党是两个完全不同的组织,两者之间是不能划上等号的。瓦达慕迪曾多次向媒体表达他的哥哥乌达雅古马(Uthayakumar)不是兴权会的领导,包括前几天再次正式通知 《自由今日大马》(Free Malaysia Today) 和《当今大马》(Malaysiakini),但他们都对我们的澄清置之不理,像是故意加以混淆,让兴权会一直被人误解而受到排斥。

(三)     面对来届大选,兴权会非常盼望和民联合作,过去数月来与民联领导举行正式和非正式会谈共达17次。现今兴权会得到印裔群众的广泛拥护,特别在一些印裔族群集居的州属。只要民联认同和签署兴权会的《5年蓝图》,兴权会将义不容辞发动全国精干人员参与民联的竞选宣传工作,号召各族人民特别是印裔族群投票支持民联。在那些印裔选民占不小比例的混合选区,印裔选民的投选必将起着举足轻重的作用,兴权会一定能够在帮助民联竞选胜利的工作上作出贡献。

(四)     瓦塔慕迪要求民联正面回应兴权会的《5年蓝图》。他以1999年华团诉求遭遇前首相马哈迪的“口头承诺”和“秋后算账”以至最后彻底失败为例,来说明兴权会必须先得到准备上台执政的政党在竞选之前作出的书面承诺的理由。特别是在当前政治形势严峻复杂和变化多端的情况下,兴权会不会采取类似2007年无条件支持反对党的做法。他其实愿意聆听民联领导对《5年蓝图》的任何意见,甚至也准备做出一些调整(adjust),唯至今民联领导完全没有给予正面的回应,这导致兴权会对民联领导极其失望。

(五)     他本身以及许多州级领袖认识到,过去只有华裔族群奋起反抗种族主义统治,因此屡屡遭遇失败,今天印裔族群为争取基本权利和维护民族尊严的斗争不能孤军作战,必须与其他族群争取民主权利和推动社会改革的力量联合起来,才有成功的希望,否则将一败涂地。因此,他重视与人民之友的合作,也感激我们到场支持兴权会的斗争。


一、         兴权会必须就眼前如何对待国阵和民联,清楚表达立场。目前,最符合各族人民的愿望和要求的政治态度就是:把国阵抛弃到历史垃圾堆里。这也就是我们柔佛州人民之友工委会和柔佛州兴权会联合发表的第13届大选《告柔佛州人民书》的政治主张:团结起来,组成民主联合阵线,推翻巫统霸权统治。这个民主联合阵线不仅包括正在对抗国阵的民联三党,也必须联合其他反对巫统国阵的各政党,以及来自不同族群、不同阶层、不同领域的民间组织和个人。

二、         巫统主导的国阵政府已经欺骗了各族人民55年。他们为了能够继续统治,也只能继续使用利诱诈骗的手段欺骗各族人民。各族人民尤其是印裔族群,不能对国阵存有丝毫幻想!我们的族魂林连玉曾说过一句话:“平等的权利,重于生命,不平等毋宁死”。林连玉也曾在他的80大寿的公开演讲说:“马来西亚是一个多元种族的国家。你要谈什么公平、谈什么团结,我们的原则是多彩多姿,共存共荣。凡是违反这个原则的,都是假话,我们不相信,都是骗人的!”我们愿意与兴权会和印裔族群共勉。

三、         我们认同瓦塔慕迪为了实际有效推展兴权会争取印裔族群的基本人权和民族尊严而采取群众斗争和议会斗争的路线。如果民联领袖能够让瓦达慕迪及其他重要领袖以兴权会的身份,在民联的旗帜下竞选至少两个(最好更多)具有象征意义的国会议席,那是再好不过的事了。我们向瓦达慕迪表示,只要他和兴权会坚持作为民间组织代表的非党性立场,必将获得民主党团和民主人士的广泛支持,我们必将继续与他和兴权会紧密合作。我们相信,只要瓦达慕迪和兴权会坚持站在为贫困的印裔族群的权利和尊严奋斗的立场,抛弃对巫统国阵统治集团的幻想,结合其他族群的反种族主义力量共同斗争,把废除《联邦宪法》第153条文的核心诉求带到国会的愿望一定会实现。

Wednesday, 27 March 2013



上一篇 《宽中拆楼事件的剖析》实是华教有利可图时的普遍现象,绝不是孤立的案例,只是对于其他学校发生的事件,不便多加评述。本篇则是深入分析何以华教会有利可图,及因应之道。
































Urge the government to abolish the Federal Constitution 121(1A) 促废除宪法121(1A)条文,伊斯兰法庭只能审理伊斯兰宗教事务

Religious groups urged the government 
to abolish the Federal Constitution 121(1A)

Non-Islamic affairs should not be managed by Syariah court. Its setup is limited to hear only Islamic cases. Whenever it involves non-Islamic matters it should be heard in the Civil Court. If non-Islamic cases were heard in the Syariah Court, then it raises the suspicion that religious beliefs are abused, thereby also raising public doubts against judiciary fairness.

Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia

In view of the issue where recently 72 Hindu organisations urged the government to amend the constitution -The rule that the Syariah court cannot handle non-Islamic affairs, a joint press release is issued from the Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM), Buddha’s Light International Association (BLIA) Malaysian Chapter, Malaysia Christian Youth Association (MCYA), The Federation of Clans and Guilds Youth Association of Malaysia, Gerakan Belia Bersatu Malaysia and Persatuan Graduan Muda Malaysia, to support such urge. Malaysia's Constitution ensures religious freedom of belief and worship to every citizen when Islam is the official religion thus ensures every religion can develop in a fair and free environment.

Non-Islamic affairs should not be managed by Syariah court. Its setup is limited to hear only Islamic cases. Whenever it involves non-Islamic matters it should be heard in the Civil Court. If non-Islamic cases were heard in the Syariah Court, then it raises the suspicion that religious beliefs are abused, thereby also raising public doubts against judiciary fairness.

In the past there were many non-Islamic cases that were heard in the Syariah Court including ‘Snatching National Hero Corpse’ case, Renouncing Islam when One-half died or Application of renouncing child’s religion and once very Hot ‘Lina Joy’ case, etc. These have already caused mis-trust against Malaysian Judiciary, especially Interpreting‘Freedom of Religious Belief’clauses in the Constitution has raised a lot of doubts and worries.

Federal Constitution 121(1A) clause was formed to let Syariah Court has the same judicial status as the Civil Court that is, Civil Court cannot review whatever decision made by the Syariah Court. This kind of judicial Double-Track phenomenon has made people doubtful of who has the ultimate power in the final decisions made. This also causes the nation to drop into limitless debates and protests. In the end, it will let our national judiciary falling into Confidence Crisis.

In addition, on the legal cases that involves both Muslims and non-Muslims, whether the Syariah Court or Civil Court possess the power of final verdict is something questionable. The loopholes in the legal provisions will lead the country into an endless controversy and confrontation, and in the worse scenario, broken trust in the national judicial.

The government should be more sensitive towards the needs of various religions in this multicultural and multi religious country; the government should also realise the implication that arises following from this problem, how it brings to the disharmony among the people and religions. The joint bodies urge the government to abolish the Federal Constitution 121(1A) clause as to resume the power of Civil Court for the final verdict.

May the Blessings of the Triple Gem be with you and your family always.

With Metta,
Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia

宗教团体呼吁废除宪法121(1A)条文 伊斯兰法庭只能审理伊斯兰宗教事务 Religious groups urged the government to abolish the Federal Constitution 121(1A)




过去有许多牵涉非伊斯兰宗教徒的案件交由伊斯兰法庭审理,包括争尸案件、丧偶后欲脱离伊斯兰教或欲为孩子申请脱教,及轰动一时的琳娜卓伊(Lina Joy)案件等,已经让人民对大马司法不信任,尤其对宪法里赋予的“宗教信仰自由”产生了极大的疑虑。


此外,在同时牵涉穆斯林及非穆斯林法律案件上,也让人质疑究竟是伊斯兰法庭或民事法庭的裁决,拥有最后的约束力。法律条文的缺陷已经让国家陷入无止境 的争论和对抗,最终只会让国家司法陷入信任危机。


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

兴权会此刻的心情应是——不甘被国阵欺骗了55年 只望民联真正落实改革 Perasaan Hindraf sekarang adalah :- Tidak rela ditipu oleh BN selama 55 tahun, Mengharapkan PR dapat melaksanakan reformasi sebenar




我于2013年3月14日,独自一人,乘踏火车,从国民大学火车站直到万绕火车站。抵达万绕之后,便步行到附近的一座兴都庙。这是因为我在3月10日(星期日)那天傍晚,跟四名柔佛州人民之友工委即杨秀丽、洪佩珊、朱信杰和陈辛共5人,曾来到这座庙出席了当晚兴权会举行的以瓦达慕迪主席为代表的绝食行动(HINDRAF HUNGER VIRATHAM)的祈祷典礼之后深受感动,决定再次来到这座兴都庙绝食24小时,表示对瓦达慕迪的尊敬以及对他的绝食行动的支持。


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黄德2013年3月19日声明:绿色身份上阵 原先立场不变

绿色身份上阵  原先立场不变























Wong Tack

Press Statement by Wong Tack

 Press Statement by Wong Tack 
19th March 2013

Wong Tack, Chairman of Himpunan Hijau released a press statement on 19 March 2013. The full text is appended below:

Since the official announcement on the 12th of March of my candidacy for the parliamentary seat of Bentong on the DAP ticket in the upcoming general election, there has been much discussion and speculation in the press and the social media on several issues.

With this press statement, I hope to clear the air on these issues.

1. Standing as a Himpunan Hijau (HH) candidate.

I, together with the HH steering committee, have all along stated that we are taking our struggle for a safer environment to the next level after all our protests and walks have fallen on the deaf ears of the Barisan Nasional government. We want a voice in Parliament that would speak clearly and loudly for the protection of our environment for our future generations. As such, we have come to an agreement with the Pakatan Rakyat(PR) leadership to contest in Bentong.

Contesting on DAP’s ticket was a decision by the PR leadership. To put it simply, it could have been on a PKR or PAS ticket as well if the PR leadership so decided. The understanding that we in HH have with PR is that I am an independent green candidate contesting under the DAP ticket and with Pakatan’s full support.

As such, the fact that I had been a dormant DAP member is irrelevant as I have never been active as a DAP member and has never pursued my environmental causes under the banner of DAP.

2. Remaining as chairperson of Himpunan Hijau Steering Committee

Since I am contesting as a HH candidate, the steering committee felt that it would be unnecessary for me to relinquish my position as the chairperson of Himpunan Hijau.

The steering committee had discussed this matter and they have decided that I should remain as the chairperson of Himpunan Hijau. This decision is supported by eight out of the nine steering committee members. It is my hope that members of the public would respect their decision.

They also agreed to look into the leadership of our movement and the role of HH only after the General Election when it becomes clearer what we need to do should Pakatan takes Putrajaya and I am elected.

3. Lynas has to be shut down.

Much confusion arose after the press conference on the 12th of March. The reason for the confusion and resulting disappointment was due to my poorly made “off-the-cuff” statement which gave the impression that I welcome Lynas. I regret the indirect way I spoke and wish to bring clarity to my stand on Lynas.

Should Pakatan form the next Government of Malaysia, the Temporary Operating License (TOL) for Lynas to operate must be revoked and stop work order must be issued immediately.

If Lynas intends to challenge the termination of their operations, they must go through the most stringent and transparent Detailed Environment Impact Assessment (DEIA) and public consultation process.

In my professional view, given my experience as an environmental consultant, Lynas will not be able to comply with the many requirements of the DEIA including stringent public consultation process and especially on the disposal of the processed waste. To put it simply, once the plant is shut down, there is no chance for it to reopen again.

The same will be true for the use of cyanide in gold refining in Raub and other places; the petrochemical project in Pengerang, the construction of dams in Sarawak and Sabah, and all projects that pose a danger to the health, livelihood of people and destruction of the environment. All these projects must be subjected to proper and transparent review and any project that pose a clear and present danger to the community must be stopped immediately.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all Himpunan Hijau supporters who kept faith with me even as I make this transition into politics. All the green warriors who came out to our rallies and walks, you are the real motivation for me to step into the murky waters of partisan politics. I ask for prayers that my heart will remain pure and eyes ever focused on our common vision – to see a brighter, better and greener Malaysia for all.

I also wish to thank all the civil society leaders who endorsed my move into politics. Your comradeship and partnership with me and Himpunan Hijau augurs well for the future of the civil society movement in Malaysia.

With the above statements to clarify my position, I hope that all our energy and attention could be refocused on our Serambi Hijau Pahang campaign to bring about a change of state and Federal government.

I have now made my base in Bentong and getting acquainted with the people here and understanding their aspiration for their community.

Salam Hijau, the choice is ours!

Wong Tack

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

深一层探讨兴权会《蓝图》 Digging deeper into Hindraf's blueprint







1. 全国大约有80万园丘工人流离失所。
2. 大约35万的马来西亚印裔没有公民权。
3. 无法获得充足和平等的教育机会。
4. 不平等的就业和商业机会。
5. 警察侵犯人权不受法律制裁的问题。
6. 实践人权的标准。


印裔园丘工人被逼迁,导致流离失所的问题,已经存在了多个世纪。根据马来西亚统计局1970 - 2000年发布的人口和住房普查报告显示,1970年,城市的印裔人口是32万3,435人,而在2000年已经飙升至133万8,510人。










为了做到这一点,政府必须通过全国176间玛拉促进中心(Giat Mara Centre)及78所社区学院,提供各项为了提升马来西亚经济所需要的技能培训机会,同时也应该提供所需的财政援助。


















实现兴权会大蓝图仅需225亿 Only RM22.5bil to implement Hindraf blueprint




许多诋毁兴权会文件《带领印裔贫困和被边缘化族群进入国家发展主流的5年大蓝图》(以下简称《蓝图》)的言论. 他们不是针对其中的焦点内容,而是围绕在种种次要的问题。这些诋毁旨在削弱人们对《蓝图》的支持。





《蓝图》同样也是一种表现这个愿望的形式。2007年, 人民对巫统的愤怒是导致《蓝图》出现的原因。今天《蓝图》承载着印裔贫困和被边缘化族群所有未实现的强烈愿望。因此,这份文件同样意义重大,大家必须认清这一点。为了促使这些愿望得以尽早实现,兴权会所做的仅仅是表达这些愿望的内容,并通过选举程序实现这些愿望。

虽然这份《蓝图》由我们发表,但它并不属于兴权会。它攸关全体马来西亚的印裔人民,兴权会只是报信的使者而已。抨击兴权会的行径, 无异于指这些憧憬和愿望都无关紧要。这样一来,批评者就陷入自相矛盾的境地。



我们要争取到, 政府机构与所有官联公司中所有不同级别职位的就业机会,一律开放给大马印裔。

在政府机构和官联公司里, 10%的各级新聘雇员必须是印裔。10%的德士、卡车和巴士执照、承包工作项目、小型贸易和废金属贸易许可证、以及维修工作的项目和特许经营权, 必须要发放给当地印裔。






政府必须采取有效措施, 终止公民在警方扣留期间遭杀害事件的发生。





1.            主导马来西亚被边缘化和少数族群的社会与经济发展工作;
2.            规划所需的预算并且争取必要的拨款;
3.            规划以及执行所有发展工作;
4.            监督相关部门执行涉及被边缘化和少数族群的固打或拨款配额;
5.            负责实践它所管辖的各族群社会与经济发展计划.

贫困和被边缘化的大马印裔族群, 将是少数民族事务部鉴定为其部门负责的首批少数族群。接着,这个部门需要鉴定在它管辖下的被边缘化少数族群。

为了不受到顽固的种族主义官僚体制所阻挠,政府将赐与这事务部独立地位, 不受制于其他部门。这样它才能专注于展开被边缘化少数族群的社会与经济发展。兴权会已经准备好提供促使这个部门顺利展开工作的专才。

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柔人民之友工委严居汉 参与瓦达穆迪绝食行动 Young Chinese man joins Waytha’s strike


作者:Athi Shankar(2013年3月15日)



这位兴权会领导人的绝食行动是在此间的一所兴都庙(Arulmigu Agora Veerabathirar Sanggili Karuppar Kovil)进行的。









Young Chinese man joins Waytha’s strike
Athi Shankar | March 15, 2013

RAWANG: Hindraf supremo P Waythamoorthy’s hunger strike received support from an unlikely supporter, a young Chinese man. Nyam Kee Han, an activist of Johor-based human rights organisation, Sahabat Rakyat, was convinced that Waythamoorthy’s cause is justified and decided to join him.

The Hindraf leader’s hunger strike is taking place at the Arulmigu Agora Veerabathirar Sanggili Karuppar Kovil temple here.

Nyam arrived at the temple at 9am yesterday and ended his fast at same time today.

He said he joined the hunger strike not only to show his support to Waythamoorthy but also to Hindraf’s “just and non-partisan struggle” for marginalised minority communities in the country.

He wanted to show Hindraf’s critics that the human rights organisation was not racist and it was struggling for the down-trodden.

“Sahabat Rakyat and Hindraf are for change. We both want to dump Barisan Nasional once and for all. That’s always our stand,” he told FMT.

Nyam said any reform agenda could never be successful by ignoring, neglecting and sidelining a section of marginalised citizens.

The main purpose of Waythamoorthy’s hunger strike was to pressure Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat to acknowledge that human rights of ethnic Indians had been violated.

Meanwhile, Nyam said that the onus was more on Pakatan, compared to BN, to give recognition and endorse Hindraf’s blueprint.

A Chinese joins Waythamoorthy in his fast (

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Aspirasi Khusus Rakyat Semua Bangsa — "20 tuntutan pilihan raya pertubuhan-pertubuhan masyarakat" (kemaskini gambar laporan)

Aspirasi Khusus 
Rakyat Semua Bangsa —
"20 tuntutan pilihan raya
pertubuhan-pertubuhan masyarakat"
(kemaskini gambar laporan pada 7 Mac 2013, 9.00 pagi)

Kenyataan 6 Mac 2013
Sahabat Rakyat Johore Working Committee

Komik: Buangkan BN Ke Tong Sampah Sejarah !     Komik oleh: Nythan

Sahabat Rakyat Johore Working Committee (Sebelum ini dikenali sebagai Jawatankuasa Sahabat SUARAM Johor) mengeluarkan 5 kenyataan berikut berhubungan dengan "20 Tuntutan Pilihan raya ke-13" yang dikeluarkan oleh pertubuhan-pertubuhan masyarakat seluruh negara pada 6 Mac 2013.

(1) Kami, Sahabat Rakyat Johore Working Committee merupakan sebuah pertubuhan akar umbi yang ditubuhkan pada tahun 2001 di bawah bendera SUARAM dan telah memperjuangkan demokrasi dan hak asasi manusia dan bergiat aktif di Johor selama 12 tahun. Kini, kami telah membebaskan diri daripada kongkongan organisasi dan pemikiran demokrasi dan hak asasi aliran barat, dan terus mengorak langkah demi menggerakkan pembinaan teori demokrasi dan hak asasi sejati dan merealisasikan polisi demokrasi dan hak asasi sejati di negara kita. Oleh demikian, kami telah menyertai "20 Tuntutan Pilihan raya" ini secara bebas dan berotonomi. Kami akan berjuang bersama rakyat semua bangsa yang sehaluan, untuk merealisasikan "20 Tuntutan Pilihan raya".

(2) "20 Tuntutan Pilihan raya" ini merupakan aspirasi kuat dan permintaan khusus dalam pelbagai bidang rakyat semua bangsa berdasarkan situasi masa kini Malaysia dari segi politik, ekonomi, masyarakat dan budaya; "20 Tuntutan Pilihan raya" ini merupakan satu "agenda perubahan", yang merupakan susulan kepada "Racial Eyesores on the Malaysian Landscape", untuk membina sebuah negara yang saksama, adil, samarata dan demokratik yang dikemukakan oleh pertubuhan-pertubuhan masyarakat yang bersifat tidak berpatisan (non-partisan) kepada parti politik dan individu demokratik, dengan harapan mendapat endosmen daripada parti-parti politik dan calon-calon bebas yang bertanding di kerusi parlimen dan DUN, menjelang pilihan raya umum kritikal kali ini.

(3) Jika dilihat dari keluasan dan kedalaman isu yang diliputi, dan jangka masa yang diperlukan untuk mencapai tuntutan-tuntutan ini, "20 Tuntutan Pilihan raya" ini sebenarnya merupakan satu "program kerja" yang konkrit dan mantap yang dideraf oleh Dr Kua Kia Soong dan disempurnakan bersama dengan pertubuhan-pertubuhan masyarakat melalui perbincangan demokratik pada penggal kedua tahun 2012. Pertubuhan-pertubuhan masyarakat dan individu demokratik sepatutnya menjadikannya sebagai "program kerja selama 20 hingga 30 tahun". Kini, ianya diumumkan dalam bentuk tuntutan pilihan raya, sebagai tanda rakyat semua bangsa menentang dan melawan pemerintahan hegemoni perkauman yang didominasi oleh UMNO, dan lebih-lebih lagi menunjukkan hasrat dan harapan rakyat terhadap pentabiran demokratik dan adil yang bakal berhasil daripada perubahan rejim.

(4) Kami berpendapat bahawa, pada saat-saat kritikal menjelang pilihan raya ke-13 ini, kita harus bersatu-padu tanpa mengira perbezaan bangsa dan warna kulit, agama dan kepercayaan, kelas dan strata, kumpulan dan klik. Bersama-sama kita buangkan khayalan terhadap Barisan Nasional dan parti-parti komponennya, dan bertindak untuk mencampak Barisan Nasional ke dalam tong sampah sejarah! Pertubuhan masyarakat mewakili kepentingan rakyat semua lapisan. Pada saat-saat kritikal ini, di mana rakyat semua lapisan bangkit menuntut perubahan rejim, harus meninggalkan slogan mengelirukan yang berbunyi "merentasi parti-parti politik, tidak melangkaui politik" atau "berkempen untuk rakyat, bukan untuk mana-mana parti politik", untuk turut serta dalam perjuangan massa "memperkukuhkan parti-parti pembangkang, bergerak kearah sistem dua barisan" seperti kata pepatah cina "air membuat perahu mengambang, tapi juga dapat menenggelamkannya".

(5) Kami, Sahabat Rakyat Johore Working Committee setuju dan endors "20 Tuntutan Pilihan raya" ini. Kami melihat "20 tuntutan pilihan raya" ini sebagai perkembangan dan susulan daripada program kerja "Racial Eyesores on the Malaysian Landscape" pada tahun 2001, dan merupakan program kerja kami dalam perjuangan demokrasi dan hak asasi pada masa depan. Sebagai sumbangan kepada pilihan raya ke-13 di Negeri Johor, kami, Sahabat Rakyat Johor Working Committee bersepakat dengan Hindraf Johor, telah mengemukakan "Seruan NGO-NGO Negeri Johor kepada Rakyat Menjelang PRU ke-13" pada 19hb Oktober 2012, dengan menggabung semangat "20 Tuntutan" (ataupun agenda perubahan) ini dengan situasi khusus di Negeri Johor, dan menyeru supaya "Memecahkan hegemoni UMNO, menubuhkan barisan persatuan demokratik; Menyatukan rakyat seluruh negeri, merealisasikan tiga tuntutan yang mendesak!". Kami akan bergabung tenaga dengan semua parti politik, pertubuhan dan orang ramai demokratik dalam usaha murni ini.

Sahabat Rakyat Johore Working Committee telah mewakilkan Lee Chen Feng untuk menghadiri dan membacakan kenyataan ini di sidang akhbar "20 tuntutan pilihan raya pertubuhan-pertubuhan masyarakat" yang diadakan di Dewan Perhimpunan Cina Kuala Lumpur Dan Selangor hari ini (6 Mac 2013). Tanpa diduga, Lee Chen Feng dipaksa berhenti daripada terus membaca sewaktu beliau tengah membaca isi ketiga semasa sesi pertukaran pandangan, akibat daripada diganggu dan dihalang daripada meneruskan ucapan. Walaubagaimanapun, Sahabat Rakyat Johore Working Committee telah menghantar teks penuh kenyataan ini kepada media melalui emel dengan segera.

《民间组织(大选)20点诉求》是当今大马各族人民具体愿望 (更新:新闻图片和说明)

漫画:把国阵抛弃到历史的垃圾堆中去!      漫画作者:小熊


(1) 我们,柔佛州人民之友工委会,成立于2001年,在大马人民之声(SUARAM)旗帜下活跃于柔佛州,为民主人权而奋斗的一个草根组织,迄今已有12年的历史。如今,我们完全摆脱西方民主人权组织和思想的束缚,为朝向推动真正民主人权的理论建设,为贯彻我国的真正民主人权的政策主张,继续前进。于是,我们独立自主参与这份《民间组织(第13届大选)20点诉求》,我们将与全国同道和各族人民,为实现《20点诉求》共同奋斗。

(2) 这《20点诉求》是根据当下马来西亚政治、经济、社会和文化状况而提出的各族人民在各个领域的强烈愿望和具体要求;这《20点诉求》是非党性的民间组织继2001年提出《反对大马种族主义与种族歧视,争取非种族性的解决方案》的工作纲领之后,在这次的关键性的大选即将来临的时刻,再次向民主政党或个人提出的建立一个公平、公正、平等和民主国家的“改革议程”,希望获得参与国州竞选的政党和独立候选人的认同。

(3) 这《20点诉求》,从其涵盖领域的广阔和层面的深入,或者从实现诉求所需日期长短来看,实质上就是我国民间组织在去年下半年,由柯嘉逊博士起草,经过民主讨论,共同完成的一份内容具体充实的“工作纲领”,我国民间组织和民主人士理应将它视为“20年或30年工作纲领”。民间组织今天将它当作“大选诉求”来提出,无非是表达各族人民对巫统主导的种族霸权统治的抗争和反叛,也更是表达各族人民对改朝换代带来的民主公正治理的期许和盼望。

(4) 我们认为,在第13届全国大选的关键时刻,应该不分民族肤色,不分阶级阶层,不分宗教信仰,不分集团派别,丢掉对国阵及其成员党的幻想,团结一致,行动起来,共同把国阵抛弃到历史垃圾堆中去!全国各种民间组织,都是各个领域人民群众利益的代表者,在人民奋起呼唤“改朝换代”的关键时刻,应该抛弃所谓“超越政党,不超越政治”或者是“只为人民站台,不为任何政党站台”的幌子,勇敢投入“壮大反对党,促成两线制”的斗争行列中来,积极发挥“水能载舟,也能覆舟”的作用。

(5) 我们柔佛州人民之友工委会认同、签署这《20点诉求》,我们将把这份文件,视为那份在2001年接受的《反对大马种族主义与种族歧视,争取非种族性的解决方案》的后续和发展文件,作为我们今后推动我国民主人权运动的工作纲领。为了在即将来临的第13届大选中,能够在柔佛州内作出一些努力和贡献,我们柔佛州人民之友工委会与柔佛州兴权会,根据这《20点诉求》的基本精神,结合柔佛州的具体情况,在去年10月19日联合发表了《第13届全国大选告柔佛州人民书》,号召“打破巫统霸权,建立民主联合阵线;团结全州人民,实现三大迫切诉求”。我们愿与所有民主党团和人民群众共勉!


The Concrete Aspirations of All Ethnic Communities - "Malaysian Civil Society GE13 Demands" (Updated on 8 Mar)

The Concrete Aspirations of 
All Ethnic Communities —
"Malaysian Civil Society 
GE13 Demands"
(Updated photo and description on 8 Mar 2013, 10pm)

Statement issued by
Sahabat Rakyat Johore Working Committee
6 Mar 2013

Comic: Dump BN Into the Dustbin of History!     Comic By: Nythan

The following is a 5-point statement issued by Sahabat Rakyat Johore Working Committee on the release of the "Malaysian Civil Society GE13 Demands" ("20-point GE13 Demands") by the Malaysian NGOs on 6 Mar 2013:

1. Since its inception in 2001, Sahabat Rakyat Johore Working Committee, as a grassroots organization under the banner of SUARAM, has been actively striving for democracy and human rights in Johor for the past 12 years. Today, we have freed ourselves from the fetters and bondage of Western democracy and human rights organization. We will pursue the theoretical construction for the promotion and realization of genuine democracy and human rights policy in our country. We have on our own volition decided to participate in the promotion of the "20-point GE13 Demands". We will work together with like-minded fellow-countrymen for realizing the common goal of the "20-point GE13 Demands".

2. The "20-point GE13 Demands" represent the strong aspirations and concrete demands of all ethnic groups in the context of current political, economic, social and cultural conditions in Malaysia. This has been another "agenda for reforms" proposed by non-partisan civil society for the imminent crucial election, since the introduction of a working agenda of "Racial Eyesores on the Malaysian Landscape" in 2001. These demands are for fairness, justice, equality and democracy. It is hoped that such document will be endorsed by all democratic political parties and independent candidates.

3. The "20-point GE13 Demands" were drawn up by Dr. Kua Kia Soong in the second half of 2012. They were then deliberated upon and perfected by the NGOs based on democratic principles. The concrete demands cover far and wide the various aspects of life.

The document may be regarded as a "working programme" by civil society and democrats for the next 20 to 30 years. Civil society regards this as General Election Demands for the purpose of expressing the common desire of all ethnic communities to struggle and challenge the UMNO racist hegemonic domination. The release of "20-point GE13 Demands" also reflects the expectations and aspirations of all ethnic communities for democracy and just rule, which will be brought about by a regime change.

4. We are of the view that, at this critical moment of impending GE13, the populace must unite, regardless of colour, class, political party or religion. They should not entertain any illusion about BN and its component parties, and be prepared to dump BN into the dustbin of history!

Civil society represents the interests of the people from all walks of life. At this critical juncture when the people are rising up, calling for a change of regime, the misleading slogan of "transcending political parties, but not transcending politics" or "campaigning for the people only, but not for any political party" should be totally discarded. We should throw in our lot with the masses, struggling for "strengthening the opposition parties, moving towards a two-front system", giving expression to the saying that "water can float a boat, and it can also capsize it".

5. Sahabat Rakyat Johor Working Committee endorses the "20-point GE13 Demands". It has now become our working programme for democracy and human rights movement. We look upon this document as the continuation and further development of our 2001 working programme, namely, "Racial Eyesores on the Malaysian Landscape".

With a view to making some contributions towards the imminent GE13 election campaign, Sahabat Rakyat Working Committee Johor (formerly known as Friends of Suaram Working Committee Johor) together with Hindus' Rights Action Force Johor (Hindraf Johor) jointly released the "Letter from Johore NGOs to the Johore people" on 19 October last year, in accordance with the spirit of  "20-point GE13 Demands" in the light of concrete conditions of the State of Johore. The clarion call is "Unite! People of Johore, Realize 3 Pressing Demands; Smash UMNO Hegemony, Form a Democratic United Front". We shall join forces with all democratic political parties, organizations and the masses in this endeavour.

Sahabat Rakyat Johore Working Committee delegated Lee Chen Feng to attend a press conference of releasing the "Malaysian Civil Society GE13 Demands" in KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH) today. During the open discussion session, he read out the full text of our "5-point Statement". He was interfered unexpectedly and stopped from continue reading when he came to the third point. He was forced to pull-back. In spite of this, the full text of the “5-point statement” was sent to media via email thereafter.

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人民之友工委会2020年9月27日常月会议针对徐袖珉(英文名: See Siew Min)半年多以来胡闹的问题,议决如下:



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尤其是在新冠病毒疫情(COVID-19)课题上,她公然猖狂跟人民之友的政治立场对着干,指责人民之友服务于中国文宣或大中华,是 “中国海外统治部”、“中华小红卫兵”等等等等。她甚至通过强硬粗暴手段擅自把我们的WhatsApp群组名称“Sahabat Rakyat Malaysia”改为“吐槽美国样衰俱乐部”这样的无耻行动也做得出来。她的这种种露骨的表现足以说明了她是一名赤裸裸的“反中仇华”份子。



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注:这“漫画新解”是与<人民之友>4月24日转贴的美国政客叫嚣“围剿中国”煽动颠覆各国民间和组织 >(原标题为<当心!爱国队伍里混进了这些奸细……>)这篇文章有关联的。这篇文章作者沈逸所说的“已被欧美政治认同洗脑的‘精神欧美人’”正是马来西亚“公知”及其跟班的精神面貌的另一种写照!

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注:这“漫画新解”是与《察网》4月22日刊林爱玥专栏文章<公知与鲁迅之间 隔着整整一个中国 >这篇文章有关联的,这是由于这篇文章所述说的中国公知,很明显是跟这组漫画所描绘的马来西亚的“舔美”狗狗,有着孪生兄弟姐妹的亲密关系。


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