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One year on, B75 Indians still being victimised under PH rule - Uthaya /1 year P.H. @Indian Manifesto Report Card (Full text)

One year on, B75 Indians still being victimised under PH rule – Uthaya

KUALA LUMPUR, May 8: Hindraf 2.0 leader P. Uthayakumar today claimed that the Pakatan Harapan government has failed to deliver its promises to the Indian community.

In a report card on Pakatan’s manifesto promises for Indians, Uthayakumar said that the promises are yet to be delivered to the Indians, particularly the bottom 75 percent income earners (B75).

“We regret to bring to your goodselves kind attention that the delivery thereto for the B75 Indian poor is only about 1% % while the overall PH rating is at 50.1%,” he said.

Uthayakumar said that based on the movement’s observation, over the last one year, PH failed to deliver 15 promises to the B75 Indian poor.

Uthayakumar also said that Pakatan’s goverment has continued the “implementation of the 62 years of racist and supremacist policies and politics victimizing the B75 Indian poor”.

“With all due respect from the above, we regret to outline in this report card that save and except for the 200 plus 1,641 Identity Cards and the 377 MRSM places, PHs’ delivery for the B75 Indian poor amounts to only about 1% Delivery.

“Please stop the “piecemeal delivery” rhetoric and include the B75 Indian poor into the national mainstream development of Malaysia Baru. “Our overall rating of PH otherwise is 50.1% having taken into account PHs’ serious anti corruption delivery, withdrawing GST and the Police Forces’ generally better conduct (minus shooting dead suspects and abusing Remand Proceedings etc ).

“Otherwise PH seems to be continuing with the 62 years of racist and supremacist policies and politics and in the process victimising the B75 Indian poor.

“The common excuse given in effect being – pulling the B75 Indian poor above the waters will upset the Malay Muslim ground.

“Do we deliver for the people who voted us in or worry about the people who didn’t but because whose votes we may lose in the next GE15?” he asked.

1 year P.H. @Indian 
Manifesto Report Card 
(Full Text)

Authur / Source:P. Uthayakumar / Facebook

Y.A.B.Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad,                                       e-mail:
Perdana Menteri Malaysia,                                        
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Y.A.B. Tun,

1 year Pakatan Harapan Govt @Indian Manifesto Report Card. End 62 years racist & supremacist policies & politics victimizing B75 Indian poor: 1% delivery for B75 & 50.1% Rating:HINDRAF 2.0


It is ONE year today of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government vis a vis the legitimate expectations for delivery especially by the most victimized B75 Indian Poor (95% voted PH) in particular of PHs’ 25 Election Promises for the Indian Community. Especially vis a vis the preamble of the said PH Election Manifesto in particular “Sebagai rakyat yang mempunyai hak yang sama dengan semua warganegara lain, sudah tiba masanya untuk semua bentuk diskriminasi yang menzalimi warga India dihapuskan … Pengagihan kekayaan negara mestilah dilakukan secara adil dan penindasan ekonomi terhadap warga India dihentikan serta-merta…”, which was subsequently reaffirmed … “Championing one race will destroy all, warns Dr Mahathir” (1) and “Mahathir: Wealth should be distributed equally among races” (2). We however regret to bring to your goodselves kind attention that the delivery thereto for the B75 Indian poor is only about 1% % while the overall PH rating is at 50.1%.

PH top 15 non delivery

With all due respect, our humble monitoring over the last 165 days (100 and 200 days submitted to your goodselves earlier) @ the tip of the iceberg ONE year (3), PH top 15 non delivery Report Card of even the very basic necessities food, shelter and education for the B75 Indian Poor arising largely from the continued implementation of the 62 years of racist and supremacist policies and politics victimizing the B75 Indian poor for your due consideration are as follows:-

❶ The 100 days promise to some 350,000 (4) B75 Indian poor is yet to be delivered by failing to fulfill even PH Promise No.1 by still denying them their Rule of Law and Constitutional Birth Certificates and Citizenship @ innate Birth Rights which could be resolved merely by the stroke of the pen by the Prime Minister and/or Home Minister’s Directive to the Director General of the National Registration Department to forthwith issue Birth Certificates and Identity Cards vis a vis Citizenship by operation of law further to Article 14 of the Federal Constitution .

We have recorded only the seasonal mere 200 citizenships announced by the Home Minister during Deepavali 2018 @ 0.05% delivery. To quote Social Activist Dr.Kua Kia Soong “at this rate we will be witnessing such yearly Deepavali “gifts” for the next 1,500 years! (5). Maybe marking PHs’ 1st anniversary today (5A) a further 1,641 (0.46%) citizenships were dished out. Perhaps in the best interest of transparency under Malaysia Baru, PH may want to publish the names and Identity Cards numbers thereto in the Home Ministry’s Official Website. PH Policy Statement “School for stateless kids, inclusive policy among Pakatan successes in first year, education minister says” (6). This is a non starter as many innocent B75 Indian poor children still cannot even enroll in kindergartens and primary schools (7).This is quite unlike when … “Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak Datuk Seri David Wong Dak Wah said the mobile courts … helped facilitate 87,345 birth certification cases ― usually linked to late birth registration in remote areas - as of December 31, 2018 (8)

❷ Vide PHs’ Promise No 10, RM1,500.00 minimum wage also within 100 days is also yet to be fulfilled. To the contrary the PH Budget 2019 proposed a minimum wage of a mere RM1,100.00(9).

❸ Vide Promise No 2 PH promised to provide for affordable Housing especially for the estate workers and the B40 (B75 for Indian poor). To the direct contrary we have recorded an accumulated 45,403 (10) cases of homeless, landless and the homes of the B75 Indian poor being demolished arising largely from the unfulfilled Tun Razak Estate Workers Housing Scheme 1973 Policy especially in Bukit Kiara, Byram Estate, Kg Muhibah Puchong, Kubang Ulu Penang and 23 other settlements with their struggle ranging from 38 years to even 100 years (Tai Lee Estate, Ipoh). The Malays, Orang Asli, Kadazan, Iban etc. have tens of thousands of villages, farms and land banks nationwide (also foreign workers in their respective countries), even the poor Chinese have 630 Chinese New Villages. To the contrary the B75 Indian poor have almost Zero villages, farms and land banks as their social safety net (11). In an emergency or in the event of a misfortune, they have Zero Social Safety Net to the extent that their option may be to commit suicide (12).

❹ Vide PH promise No 4, full financial aided status for all 525 Tamil schools with same infrastructure standards as that of National schools within their first term (Parliamentary Term) is a non starter. We have however recorded 191 (13) instances of Tamil Schools being denied even the very basics for example tables and chairs, children using tar roads as playing fields, ammonia fumes and ash from factory and crematorium, denied 32 Tamil school kindergartens and 11 new schools and annex buildings, 74 Tamil school toilets in deplorable state, denied access roads etc.

Even Former Prime Minister Najib Razak is now calling on for Kindergardens to be made compulsory in (all) Tamil schools (14) and in the backdrop of calls for “Compulsory education should be raised to Form Five” (15), Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Departments’ statement that “… all kindergarten teachers (but excluding Tamil Schools) have a Diploma in early Childhood Education …”(16).

We have recorded 45 critical situations in Tamil schools ranging from being under high tension TNB electric cables, 90 year old wooden and on the verge of collapsing, termite infested, catching fire, cramped up by almost 100%, denied kindergartens, Serendah Tamil School yet to be built even after one by-election, two General Elections and two “pecah tanah”, public protests etc, construction of 37 Tamil schools not completed even up to 8 years now, Tamil School even in the Education Minister’s Constituency denied 150 meters access road and therefore cannot be opened, operating from Construction Cabins, low enrolment schools refused to be relocated to largely Indian populated areas, borrowing students from towns to avoid Estate Tamil schools from being closed down etc as is outlined in Appendix 1 herein (16A).

❺ Vide PH Promise No. 15 and 18, small Indian businesses would be given micro credit, financial assistance, licenses and business permits will be made easy especially for the Indian Recycling outlets. Vide our 25 point Proposals to Tun Dr.Mahathir, Tun Daim and CIR dated 28.5.2018 we have requested for 100,000 per year of such self employment and business opportunities for the B75 Indian poor. But we regret to report that we are yet to record even one such case. To the direct contrary, four Indian Recycling Outlets in Setapak were demolished on 21/2/2019 despite our appeal letter dated 10/7/2018 to no less than the Prime Minister and Federal Territories Minister. Why not licenses and micro credit facilities be given to even operate Burger, Mobile Stalls and Food Trucks in Chinese Housing areas let alone denying tens of thousands of petty trading licenses etc. We have recorded seven elderly Indian traders in Brickfeilds having operated for 40 years who were given Notice to evict (72). An Indian Sugarcane water and food stall was similarly demolished in Setapak (73) and another Indian Recycling Outlet in Puchong demolished (74).

❻ Vide Promise No. 17 PH will give FELDA and FELCRA like land settlement schemes with financial assistance. However we have recorded Zero to date. PH could have Compulsorily Acquired further to Section 76 (aa) (ii) and Section 116(1)(d)(4) of the National Land Code read together with the Land Acquisition Act 1965 and the Local Government Act but choose to watch silently as bulldozers literally bulldozed 111 traditional Indian vegetable farms in Cameron Highlands (75).

❼ Although qualified, only an estimated 2% of Public Universities’ intake are allowed for Malaysian Indians and most B75 cannot afford Private Universities especially in the field of Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering, Pharmacy, Accountancy, Architecture and other Professional courses.

❽ For the year 2018 a total of 2,200 Matriculation places were granted by the previous BN government for high achieving Indian SPM students also after Hindrafs’ public protests since 2010. However almost immediately upon assuming power PH rewarded the far well to do Chinese voters with a total of 1,000 extra Matriculation places but zero for the far below the water B75 Indian poor students. In compounding matters the PH Education Minister announced that the said 2,200 places was a one off grant, which even the former UMNO Education Minister denied. The next day PH must have directed their powerless and showpiece Indian Senior most Minister to do a la MIC Tamil Dailies headlines propaganda that the said 2,200 places is retained but which was never mentioned in the said Education Minister’s Media Statement released on the very same day! (76).

PH has also still refused to recognize the long outstanding thousands of B75 Medical Graduates from affordable overseas Medical Universities, with the latest being Dr.Sasha Gomez who had completed her Medical studies in Cuba but not recognized and unable to work in Malaysia (77)

❾ Vide Promise No. 6 and 7, PH promised places in Fully Residential schools, MRSM and Regular Residential Secondary Schools (and Giat Mara Colleges?) for the B 75. We have recorded the announcement of 377 out of 7,760 places (78) or 4.85% in Form One at MRSM for the year 2019 intake. For the purposes of transparency the Rural and Regional Development Ministry should publish a list of the names and Identity Card numbers of the said students. In giving proper effect, provisions for Indian food and weekly Hindu Temple visits must also be made.

❿ Vide Promise No. 19, PH promised to provide sufficient places for Hindu Temples and Hindu Cemeteries. However not only were the existing Hindu temples not granted land, gazetted and granted Land Titles accordingly but many were demolished. The Seafeilds Hindu Temple demolishment saga sent a dangerous signal when at least 12 people were injured and 23 of the intruder’s cars unprecedentedly burnt by angry Hindus. In rubbing salt into wound, the Selangor PH Menteri Besar made a statement as if he was the spokesman for the Developer by ordering the temple to return the land and money which the temple did not even receive in the first place. Was it the said Developer or the 95% of the Indians who had voted for PH? In the absence of the grant of the promised land Title via a High Court Trust in favor of the said Temple, we can only assume that the Attorney General’s solution was not given the green light by the PH top leadership. Disregarding “Dr.M: Riots should be a wake up call” (79), the PH government further demolished the Relau Hindu Temple in Penang (80). From our records this is the first ever Hindu Temple demolishment in Penang.

In the aftermath of the 25th November 2007 Hindraf Rally, the UMNO government made a Ministerial Statement in Parliament that no Hindu temples would be demolished in Kuala Lumpur which was honored as at the 2018 General Elections. To the contrary PH demolished the Kampong Limau PPR Hindu temple (81), and the Jinjang Utara Hindu Temple in April 2019. The PPR Kg Baru Air Panas Hindu Temple was slated for demolished also on the 17th of April 2019 but was deferred when Hindraf 2.0 launched a Social Media campaign against the same. We have henceforth recorded three Hindu temple demolishments by the PH government, Congratulations! and 152 hindu temples in need of the PH State government land (potential Seafeilds Temple timebombs?) including the 120 year old Tepi Sungai, Klang Mariaman Hindu Temple (82). The Prime Minister as Chairman of the National Physical Planning Council by the stroke of the pen can direct that all houses of worship (and cemeteries), no matter how small is to be incorporated and recognized on the Masterplan of any land (83), and thereafter gazetted and issued Land Titles accordingly.

We have also recorded thirteen (13) Hindu cemeteries and last rites ceremony Halls similarly denied Land Titles with one Hindu Cemetery actually going missing in thin air (84)

⓫ Vide Promise No. 11, PH promised to direct GLCs’, Federal Government Agencies and Local Authorities to target 10% of the workforce for the B75 Indian poor. To date we have actually recorded ZERO.

⓬ Vide Promise No. 22, PH promised to address (B75) Indian poverty “unlike the UMNO government”. Our monitoring however reveals widespread chronic poverty :- “If lucky we get rice porridge, if not rice in water” for single mother and 3 children (85), Son, daughter and daughter in law all passed away leaving eight grand children aged 7, 9, 10… with grandmother (60) and are given a mere RM200.00 by the Welfare Department! (86), students going hungry to school (87), Single Mother with two young children denied Welfare help at all (88) Homeless family living at bus stop with 3 year old baby (89), No mattress and forced to sleep on cement as her husband is in jail for mother(62) with 3 young children who is also a stroke patient (90), Broke hand and leg in accident, single mother with 7 children struggles (91) Three children 11,14 and 15 cannot even afford to go to school (92) .

Perhaps on PHs’ directive via the a la MIC cum UNNO Tamil Dailies propaganda, the powerless Indian PH Deputy Chief Minister is only able to hand out prostatic legs (93), Indian Deputy Speaker pays electricity bills and dishes out provisions for one month (94), Kedah Indian Exco highlights homes denied water and electricity (95), Selangor Indian Exco dishes out his trademark bus fare of RM300.00 per year for 3,000 Indian poor (96), Perak EXCO Member dishes out RM2,789.00 to handicapped home (97). The Selangor Menteri Besar putting up full page Thaipusam advertisement in Tamil Daily … to make up for non delivery in Seafeilds? (98) and the Perak Menteri Besar Tamil Daily front page dishing out 3,000 Ponggal pots … to make up for failing to address B75 poverty in Perak? (99) This widespread B75 chronic poverty also contributes to increase in Indian crime rate which came about only in the last 30 years of UMNO rule.

⓭ Widespread B75 workforce victims denied SOCSO Claims and Pensions. The powerless PH Indian Human Resources Senior Minister is of no or very little help!!!

⓮ Vide promise No 16. PH promised to form the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in combating (widespread racial) discrimination and unfairness both in the public and private sectors. But we have recorded ZERO delivery, maybe in recognition of the Zero votes for BN campaign!

⓯ In the general Racial Discrimination category we have recorded no Indians in the Education Services Commission, Senior Assistants position in limbo and no kindergarten assistants in Tamil Schools (100), Water supply disconnected for twenty-five B75 families in Dusun Durian Estate, Banting (101), Football field denied to Kg Desa Aman, KL youths (102) 6,000, Security Guards lost their jobs (103), One Hundred and Forty-two (142) B75 child detainees still held under POCA (104), (Despite POCA,POTA,SOSMA, SEDITION Act etc promised to be repealed PH has not honoured its Election Promise), Muddy drinking water for hundreds of Seremban Estate workers (105) , School Canteen in Penang instructed not to sell Indian food such as Thosai (106) Low wages for 3D jobs or nothing at all, PM tells workers on Labour Day! (107) , Mentakab Indians forced to take risk by placing wood along Railway bridge and using the same (108) etc.


With all due respect from the above, we regret to outline in this Report Card that save and except for the 200 plus 1,641 Identity Cards and the 377 MRSM places, PHs’ delivery for the B75 Indian poor amounts to only about 1% Delivery. Please stop the “piecemeal delivery” rhetoric and include the B75 Indian poor into the National Mainstream Development of Malaysia Baru.

Our overall rating of PH otherwise is 50.1% having taken into account PHs’ serious anti corruption delivery, withdrawing GST and the Police Forces’ generally better conduct (minus shooting dead suspects and abusing Remand Proceedings etc ). Otherwise PH seems to be continuing with the 62 years of racist & supremacist policies and politics and in the process victimizing the B75 Indian poor. The common excuse given in effect being - pulling the B75 Indian poor above the waters will upset the Malay Muslim ground. Do we deliver for the people who voted us in or worry about the people who didn’t but because whose votes we may lose in the next GE 15?. We have recorded - “Harapan will lose next GE if it takes its base for granted” (109) and Never-ending bumi policy dashes hope for 'New Malaysia' Kua Kia Soong (110) In ‘new Malaysia’, PPBM is the ‘new Umno’, MCA tells DAP (111). ‘Bersatu aims to empower bumiputera socially and economically’ (112)

May we invite your goodselves’ D.G. for Implementation and Coordination Unit (ICU) to present PHs’ perspective as to the aforesaid only about 1% delivery at our Peaceful Gathering on 12/5/2019 (Sunday) at 2.00 pm at The Fountain, Brickfeilds.

We hereby once again humbly seek an appointment with your goodselves with regards to the above.

Thank you.
Yours faithfully,

De Facto Leader, Hindraf 2.0

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  • 自由撰稿人及评论人唐南发(Josh Hong)
  • 媒体工作者及评论人蓝志锋(Lum Chih Feng)





(1)朱信杰 017-7721511
(2)钟立薇 012-7177187
(3)吴振宇 013-7778320

Forum to be held on 21 September in commemoration of 18th anniversary

We will be organising “Mahathir returns to power after regime change in the 14th General Election, A progression or regression of the democratic reform movement?” forum cum buffet in commemoration of our 18th Anniversary. The following 4 experts have accepted the invitation to become our panel speakers:
  • P. Uthayakumar – Leader of Hindraf 2.0
  • Siti Kasim – Human rights lawyer
  • Josh Hong - Freelance writer and commentator
  • Lum Chih Feng – Media worker and commentator
All 4 panel speakers will present papers, deliver speeches and answer questions on the theme of the forum. After the event, we will also be uploading the paper and video of the speeches of the panel speakers to Sahabat Rakyat blog( reference material for the public. Through this forum, we hope to inspire more leaders of democratic parties, organisations, scholars and peoples of all walks of life to make more contribution to the democratic reform movement of our country.

Particulars of the event are as follows:
Date: 21 September 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 2:00pm – 5:30pm
Venue: Cathay Restaurant Kulai, Johor
Buffet will start upon the completion of the forum, concurrent with the sharing session
. We welcome all who are concerned with the political developments in Malaysia to attend this event and join the buffet meal. (Admission is free, but please register in advance so that we can make necessary arrangement for food. If you are interested, please fill in contact person in charge below)

9 September - Published the English rendition of an article of value for reference

On 9 September this year (the actual day of our anniversary), we had published an English rendition of the "Probing into the sufferings of Singapore's left-wing labour movement in the 1960s (Part II)" originally written in Chinese by Chng Min Oh, a former trade union leader in Singapore on Sahabat Rakyat blog, as a gift of our anniversary. This English rendition was translated by personnel delegated by the Secretariat of Sahabat Rakyat. This article provides a historical lesson learned about the destruction bore from within of the anti-colonial independence movement of the people of Malaya and Singapore plotted by the enemy, and constitutes revelatory reference material to the realistic issues that this coming forum is probing into.

Sahabat Rakyat is an ideological exchange platform that focuses on promoting democratic human rights movement in our country. All committee members of Sahabat Rakyat are volunteers. We adhere to the stance of being independent and autonomous, we adopt the principle of being self-reliant, thrifty and hard work, and strive to promote the development of the democratic human rights movement toward the right direction.
We welcome those who are generous hearted to sponsor this event and other work that we carry out. For those who are interested to sponsor, please contact:

(1)Choo Shinn Chei 017-7721511
(2)Cheng Lee Whee 012-7177187
(3)Ngo Jian Yee 013-7778320



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