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Sahabat Rakyat views on how to vote in 509 election: Let’s dump rubbish together on “509”! - Oppose UMNO hegemonic rule! Prevent Mahathir from returning to power! (Updated on 6 May 21:33pm)

Sahabat Rakyat views on how to vote in 509 election
Let's dump rubbish together on "509"!
- Oppose UMNO hegemonic rule!
Prevent Mahathir from returning to power!

【Text below is translated from original version in the Chinese language published on 6 May 2018 morning. In the case of any discrepancy between the English rendition and the original Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.】

Based on the content and spirit of “Sahabat Rakyat views on the 14th General Election” released on 24 September 2017 as well as the local and international political situation in the past 6 months, Sahabat Rakyat would like to put forward the following suggestions regarding May 9 polls for the reference of the national voters:

 (1) On May 9 polling day, all people together not to vote for candidates from UMNO as well as UMNO-dominated MCA, MIC and other component parties of BN, and also not to vote for Mahathir and candidates of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) (contesting under the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) banner) [which also means: reject Mahathir to become “twice-cooked Prime Minister” (direct translation from the Chinese phrase “huiguoshouxiang”(回锅首相), which means return to power as the Prime Minister)]. This is because --
  • (i) UMNO hegemonic rule (namely Parti Perikatan government and Barisan Nasional government) has been the bane of racial oppression and discrimination suffered by the people of all ethnic groups in Malaya/Malaysia since independence in 1957;
  • (ii) Mahathir was the Prime Minister for 22 years (1981-2003) at the most critical stage of UMNO hegemonic rule, he is the worst culprit of the afflictions of Malaysians.
(2) On May 9 polling day, all people vote for candidates of the original 3 founding parties (namely Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Democratic Action Party (DAP) and Parti Amanah Negara (PAN)) of Pakatan Harapan contesting under the PKR banner; or for those in the constituencies contested by more than one democratic parties (herein mainly refers to Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) which has a 20-year struggle record), choose to vote for candidates who have the courage to hold a clear-cut and firm position in opposing UMNO hegemonic rule and Malay supremacy (Ketuanan Melayu). This is because --
  • (i) Although leaders of the original 3 parties of Pakatan Harapan (especially DAP) could not wait to capture Putrajaya after breaking BN’s two third majority in Parliament in the last election (GE13), majority of their grassroots members and supporters are oppressed groups suffered from UMNO hegemonic rule, these groups mostly have different levels of aspiration and demand for social reform and improvement of lives;
  • (ii) Only the broad masses are the reliable force of social reform. Political leaders of our country in reality are “political leaders” and “professional demagogues” created by the our country’s party politics and parliamentary electoral system, they are not someone who can really be relied on to reform the country and society or to improve the lives of the people;
  • (iii) We must struggle together with the broad masses in accordance to their interests, aspirations and demands. We must also be together with them, sum up experience and draw both positive and negative lessons from the practice. As such only we can secure one victory after another.
It must be specifically stated that: Mahathir has been the representative of Malay bureaucrat-capitalist class in Malaysia since he took power. After stepping down, as he was unwilling to be pushed out by the UMNO clique in power, he is now trying his utmost to contest in the 14th General Election hoping to become “twice-cooked Prime Minister”. This is not to “repent his sins, and to save Malaysia”, but to protect the interests and consolidate the position of himself, his family and the cliques of his cronies. To the people of all ethnic groups, Mahathir is an overbearing and ambitious Malay politician who has carried out racist rule with enormous deceptiveness and harm and thus has the highest danger. If you vote for Mahathir, it is like being tricked to board on a pirate ship and leave yourself at the mercy of Mahathir, which you will ultimately suffer from it!

The modern history of the world proves that the representatives of various cliques of all ruling class, in order to fight each other for power within the ruling clique, especially after losing their original influence, often deceive the masses for their support, by fair means or foul, to protect their own position and interests. Under the existing parliamentary system, in order to gain power and accumulate wealth, like the political leaders of the ruling clique, all opportunistic politicians will deliberately defraud the people for their selfish purpose of securing power and amassing wealth. Nevertheless, regardless political leaders of ruling class or opportunistic demagogues, they will act in accordance with the interests, aspirations, and demands of their class, clique, family, and themselves. In the end, they will absolutely embark on a position that is opposite to the people.

From 1950s to 1960s, the anti-colonial movement in Singapore accepted the infiltration and control of Lee Kuan Yew, the overbearing and ambitious political leader. The movement’s leaders and cadres even helped Lee Kuan Yew to set up the People's Action Party (PAP) and supported Lee Kuan Yew and the PAP to come to power. However, after Lee Kuan Yew took power, he ruthlessly destroyed the real people leaders and finally eliminated the organisational force of the mass movement. At this crucial moment, political parties, organisations and individuals who advocate democratic reform movement in our country should draw lessons from this part of the history of Singapore.


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通告 Notification

人民之友 对我国第14届大选意见书
(华 巫 英)3种语文已先后贴出

作为坚守“独立自主”和“与民同在”的立场的一个民间组织,人民之友在今年9月24日对即将来临的第14届全国大选投票,发表了一篇以华文书写的“意见书”,题为:投票支持"反对国家伊斯兰化的候选人": 反对巫统霸权统治!莫让马哈迪帮派"复辟"!

这篇意见书的英文译稿(标题是:Vote for “candidates who are against State Islamisation”: Oppose UMNO hegemonic rule! Prevent “the return to power of Mahathir’s faction”!)已于10月22日张贴在本部落格。马来文译稿(标题是:Undilah "calon yang membantah pengislaman negara": Menentang pemerintahan hegemoni UMNO! Mencegah puak Mahathir kembali kepada kuasa!)也已接着在11月13日在此贴出。



Pandangan Sahabat Rakyat terhadap PRU14 telah diterbitkan dalam tiga bahasa (Melayu, Cina dan Inggeris)

Sebagai sebuah pertubuhan masyarakat yang berpendirian teguh tentang prinsip "bebas dan berautonomi" dan “sentiasa berdampingan dengan rakyat jelata”, Sahabat Rakyat telah menerbitkan kenyataan tentang pandangan kami terhadap Pilihan Raya Umum ke-14 yang bertajuk "Undilah calon yang menentang Pengislaman Negera: Menentang pemerintahan hegemoni UMNO! Jangan benarkan puak Mahathir kembali kepada kuasa! " (投票支持"反对国家伊斯兰化的候选人": 反对巫统霸权统治!莫让马哈迪帮派"复辟"!)dalam Bahasa Cina pada 24hb September 2017.

Penterjemahan Bahasa Inggeris kenyataan tersebut yang bertajuk Vote for “candidates who are against State Islamisation”: Oppose UMNO hegemonic rule! Prevent “the return to power of Mahathir’s faction”! telah diterbitkan dalam blog kita pada 22hb Oktober 2017 manakala penterjemahan Bahasa Melayu telah diterbitkan pada 13hb November 2017.

Selain daripada itu, Sahabat Rakyat juga akan menyebarkan kenyataan ini seluas mungkin kepada pertubuhan dan individu semua bangsa, strata, profesyen dan agama seluruh Negara melalui email, wechat, whatsApp dan pelbagai saluran lain. Kami amat mengalu-alukan pertubuhan dan individu yang berpendirian dan pandangan sama dengan kami untuk turut menyebarkan kenyataan ini kepada lebih ramai orang!

Kami berharap pendirian dan pandangan kami berkenaan pilihan raya kali ini yang dinyatakan dalam kenyataan tersebut dapat disebarkan dengan tepat dan meluas untuk diuji dalam kalangan rakyat semua bangsa semua strata sosial melalui penglibatan mereka dalam amalan pelbagai parti politik dalam pertempuran pilihan raya umum kali ini mahupun amalan masa depan.

The Chinese, English and Malay renditions of Sahabat Rakyat’s opinions about GE14 have been published consecutively

As an NGO which upholds “independent and autonomous” position and "always be with the people" principle, on 24 September 2017, Sahabat Rakyat had released a Chinese-written statement of views with regard to the voting in the upcoming 14th General Election, entitled “Vote for candidates who are against State Islamisation: Oppose UMNO hegemonic rule! Prevent the return to power of Mahathir’s faction!” (投票支持"反对国家伊斯兰化的候选人": 反对巫统霸权统治!莫让马哈迪帮派"复辟"!)

The English rendition of this statement entitled "Vote for “candidates who are against State Islamisation”: Oppose UMNO hegemonic rule! Prevent “the return to power of Mahathir’s faction”!" and the Malay rendition entitled "Undilah "calon yang membantah pengislaman negara": Menentang pemerintahan hegemoni UMNO! Mencegah puak Mahathir kembali kepada kuasa!" had been released on 22 October and 13 November respectively.

Apart from that, Sahabat Rakyat will also make every effort to disseminate this statement as widely as possible to organizations and individuals of all ethnic groups, religions and all walks of life throughout the country via email, WeChat, WhatsApp and other channels. We welcome organizations and individuals with the same position and views to spread this statement to more people!

We hope that our position and views pertaining to the upcoming General Election expressed in the statement will be accurately and widely disseminated and also examined by the popular masses of various ethnicity and social strata through their involvement in the struggle of the 14th General Election carried out by various political parties and their practices in all fields in future.

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