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Save Malaysia from UMNO BN rule

PSM `s Press Statement  dated 5th March,2016
Save Malaysia from UMNO BN rule
Original Title: Save Malaysia OR Save UMNO BN rule?

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Since yesterday’s press conference with Mahathir announcing the grand coalition to oust Najib Tun Razak, both Pakatan Harapan and civil society leaders have been dodging brickbats and criticism from the rakyat.

PSM is shocked and surprised how quickly the opposition and civil society have agreed to Tun M’s grand declaration. Even though the respective leaders were called on a personal capacity, but it would be preposterous to draw the line between personal opinion and the organization/political party that they represent in this case.

Did they ever consult their members on their decision? Did their insist that the declaration must be amended with their inputs before they inked it?

The historical press conference only proves how weak in strength and in ideas the opposition and civil society really are. Unable to settle squabbling amongst themselves and basically running out of ideas to unseat Najib Tun Razak, they have decided to ally with any ex-dictator that made the same call.

This is the symptom of targeting the individual and not understanding the political economy this nation has been moulded into by UMNO BN. Any short term plan to remove only the cancerous leader but maintain rule of the same dominant party spells disaster for future Malaysian politics. The rakyat will continue to suffer under the same anti people neoliberal economic policies.

Taxes on the rakyat will continue, more subsidies on necessary items will be withdrawn, income disparity will continue to widen, minimum wage will remain unrealistic, cheap labour policy will continue etc.,.

Najib’s administration is a continuation of Mahathir’s authoritarian, neoliberal legacy. Both leaders and the rest of the pack in UMNO BN share the same economic principles that will further impoverish the rakyat. Thus what is the Pakatan Rakyat and civil society hoping for? Short term gain, long term misery!

On what basis will Pakatan Harapan campaign for them as an alternative pro people political coalition, when they just signed on a declaration which indirectly affirms UMNO BN rule with supposedly some structural change?

Even on an optimistic note, does the Pakatan Harapan and civil society really believe that;
1.      Mahathir and the coalition of the willing will be allowed to do significant structural changes within the MACC, PDRM, SPR and judiciary while UMNO BN is still in power?

2.     Do they expect the DPM Zahid Hamidi and the rest standby quietly as these so called reforms are made, even when they are fully aware that their political future will be jeopardized?

3.      After the declaration what next?  How will it be executed? What executive power does the coalition of the willing have?

4.      Who is calling the shots in this coalition? Is it a democratic coalition or is it dominated by Mahathirism?

PSM seeks to remind the Pakatan Harapan and civil society that there have been many declarations before this, but do not really make significant change. The downfall of Marcos and Suharto were not achieved by declarations of political elites alone.

PSM strongly believes that true change can only happen when a political system is replaced by another clearly alternative system, We believe that the UMNO BN legacy has to be ended immediately for the entire judiciary, executive, legislative to be overhauled not reformed.

Thus, we should not mislead the rakyat by proclaiming such initiatives will truly bring changes to their lives. Only a political alternative movement that crushes neoliberalism and builds a truly pro people economy will be able to sustain humanity and the environment.

Save Malaysia from UMNO BN! True Change Not Reform !

Secretary General PSM


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