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Ex Chief Justice is a disgrace to Malaysians

Ex Chief Justice is a disgrace to Malaysians
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Hindraf is of the opinion there can be no other better term to describe the former chief justice Abdul Hamid Mohamad other than an ignorant idiot who has forsaken all that he studied in law school.

It is a matter of grave concern to know that a man with such a racist and extreme mindset has led the Apex court in Malaysia and delivered countless judgments which remain precedence today.

After 57 years of Merdeka, it is meaningless if perpetuation of historical lies and instigation still exists.

In this case we are shocked how the selection process of Judges ever took place in Malaysia.

We now wonder if the judiciary actually comprises more racist judges. It is reported that the ex-chief justice had uttered the following statements:

1) a former Penang mufti told him that it was difficult to secure allocations for Islamic activities in the state as various religious groups wanted their fair share "If this is not stopped, it will spread to the whole of Malaysia. Maybe Islamic programs will have to be shared with other religions. "Government departments and campuses may be required to not only prepare surau but also churches, gurdwara and temples

2) He cited Prof Shad Saleem Farouqi's book titled 'Document of Destiny: The Constitution of the Federation of Malaysia' where on page 710 it states that as a result of the 'social contract' between the various races, millions of migrants to British Malaya were bestowed with citizenship. “It is believed that the number of citizens in Malaya doubled at the stroke of midnight on August 31, 1957 due to the constitutional grant,”

3) Abdul Hamid further said the minority community should not complain about their freedom. “Show me a country which gives rights to the minority?

4) “Show me any country which allows the formation of vernacular schools and also finance it. In Malaysia, the government does not prohibit them to practise their religion.

5) The former CJ warned the minority wanted to get rid of what the Malays have and they have become more daring as a result of the Malays being split and they have managed to influence certain Malay party leaders to work with them.

The above utterances of the Ex CJ is nauseating and degrading to all Malaysians and intended to instigate ill feelings amongst the Malay community. Hindraf is of the view that the Police should investigate the Ex CJ for inciting racial hatred under the sedition act.

The Police must be impartial in their duties and be seen to apply the law equally. If politicians and reform minded advocates and activists can be charged with sedition on the filmiest grounds, we see no reason why such a gross statement and incitement especially by the ex CJ should be let off easily.

Hindraf wishes to remind the Ex CJ and all immature and shallow thinking extremists that this country was made out of various races for the benefit of all and the progress and prosperity of country.

They have to remember that the Chinese and Indians were the backbone of Malaya’s economy and were almost 90% of the source of labour pre and post-independence.

Had they left Malaya on 31st August 1957, Malaya would collapse as a country without labour force and a crippled economy.

It is wrong to say millions of British migrants were bestowed citizenship at the stroke of midnight on 31st August .

The ex - CJ should look at historical documents where clearly the Malay Rulers had encouraged the migration and settlement of Indians and Chinese into Malaya.

They also agreed to provide land and places of worships to them so that the Indians and Chinese would make Malaya their permanent home more than a hundred years ago. Penang had always been a straits settlement like Melaka, Singapore and Hong Kong.

A separate consideration was given to Penang and Melaka during merdeka negotiations. There were neither special privileges nor rulers in these states. Freedom of religion was an absolute freedom as was practiced under the International standards.

Hence upon Tunku’s assurances of fundamental rights and equality to all races, Melaka and Penang were made part of Malaya. Hindraf is appalled that time again extreme leaders and irresponsible individuals issue statements inciting racial hatred when we should move on to be a united nation with peace and harmony.

It is a sin to deny Chinese and Indians their legitimate rights after contributing to this country for more than 200 years when recent migrants from Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan enjoy the status of special privileges and some have even been Prime Ministers and Ministers.

P.Waytha Moorthy


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