Sunday, 20 January 2013

You may download and disseminate or sponsor printing of “Letter to the People” Dump BN into the dustbin of history!

 You  may download and disseminate or 
sponsor printing of “Letter to the People”
-Dump BN  into the
dustbin of history!

Cartoon by: Nythan
Sahabat Rakyat Johore Working Committee and Hindraf Johore, the two organizations fighting for democracy and human rights and dignity of all ethnic communities in Johor, have jointly released the Letter from Johore NGOs to the Johore People;pertaining to the coming 13th general election. The letter is entitled: “Unite! People of Johore, Realize 3 Pressing Demands; Smash UMNO Hegemony, Form a Democratic United Front! We unreservedly advocate “dumping Barisan National into the dustbin of history”.

Towards the end of last year, we issued and distributed the Letter from Johore NGOs to the Johoreans in 4 languages (Malay, Chinese, Tamil and English) to the masses in several large-scale public assemblies. We intend to print and distribute more of the leaflets to much wider areas, but it is beyond our means to do so. Therefore, we need your help if agree with our views and you wish to support us. You may download the letter, print it out and give it to your friends and relatives who have no access to the Internet. You may use our PDF version of the Letter provided (in 4 languages) in our blog.

As the general election is not far off, we intend to print the “Letter to the people” together with other relevant material in large quantities for wider distribution in the election campaign. We also plan to put up slogans and banners for those candidates who openly support our stand as reflected in our 13th general election demands. However, we are short of funds. If you support our efforts, we sincerely hope that you will generously donate towards our publicity funds, enabling us to carry out more effectively our publicity work in the election campaign.

If you wish to contribute towards our publicity funds, you may on your own accord pay any amount into our bank account with Public Bank. Our bank account is as follows:

Account Name: Sahabat Rakyat 
Account No: 317-2081-136 

Kindly let us know your name OR any assumed name (if you do not wish to disclose your identity) together with the amount donated, via e-mail to, or by SMS to 016-7782707. Your donations or contributions will be shown in our List of Donations/Contributions in our blog.

We will also declare on a regular basis our “income and expenditure” statement relating to the donations/contributions collected for your inspection.

Thank you for your kind cooperation and contributions!


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