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Let a Hundred Flowers bloom – The controversy over "428 sit-in protest" and "Occupy Dataran " / 让百花齐放 —— 关于428静坐抗议与“占领独立广场” 的论争

 Let a Hundred Flowers bloom – 
 The controversy over "428 sit-in protest" and "Occupy Dataran "   

  让百花齐放 ——   

“A single flower does not herald the arrival of spring; Only when a hundred flowers bloom will spring arrive”. Dr Kua Kia Soong published an article “Let a hundred flowers bloom” to represent the stand he has taken on the press statement “428 sit-in protest – its implications and positive significance”  issued by FOS Johor. Such stand taken by him will provoke deep thoughts.

一花独放不是春,百花齐放春满园。柯嘉逊对柔佛州人民之友工委会519日发表《428静坐抗议的积极意义和深刻启示》,用 让百花齐放!LET  A  HUNDRED   FLOWERS  BLOOM)来表达他对有关事件的立场和主张。柯嘉逊的这个主张,发人深省!

[Editor’s note]: This is the response via email by Dr Kua Kia Soong to the statement issued by FOS Johor. It also touches on the dispute raised and the thought evinced by S. Arutchelvan on the FOS statement.  Dr Kua’s response amounts to his personal views on the matter.

Dr Kua has given his consent to have the email published in our blog so that it will reach a larger section of the readers.

Good suaramaritans,

Before we get all carried away, let's press the PAUSE button and reflect:

1. Aru (K.Arumugam - Editor's note) has said it's a good statement on the whole, the Bersih committee is not happy with the airing of a little dissension in the committee and then Arul (S.Arutchelvan - Editor's note) is upset for there is obvious criticism of "ultra-leftism".

2. Should such a statement carry the Suaram tag?

Well, having lived thru my student days in the West and watched debates and crits among the many factions of the left there, this is pretty mild stuff. Having seen the average Suaram statements, this is certainly an attempt at an analytical view of this historical rally. We should welcome the attempt. We know that there was unhappiness among some of the people over the way the rally ended and we should expect this criticism.

I was invited by the Occupy Dataran youth to speak a few days ago and I felt proud to be part of the movement. If I was 40 years younger, I might be part of the daily occupiers. But that is quite different from how many people felt the rally should have ended, ie. thinking of the responsibility for the thousands who turned out for a peaceful rally. But Arul has put his point across very well and mayhaps the friends in JB will appreciate a bit more what was actually happening in KL. So vive le difference!

The second question is of course whether the statement should carry a "Suaram" tag. This is also a question for the JB friends to consider. I'm getting mixed messages about the structure of JB's FOS and the Suaram Sec there!

Like I said earlier, we should first say that our branches have a degree of autonomy. As long as we are all for the defence of human rights, I think it's fine. Can we all have different analyses of social events and put these out in public like in the present case?

That is for the Sec to discuss. 

Let a hundred flowers bloom...

soong's possible





1. 阿鲁姆甘(K.Arumugam)表示这篇声明整体上是一篇好的声明,但净选盟(指导)委员会对于公开净选盟内部的小矛盾感到不开心,但由于声明显然有批评到“极端左顷主义”,阿鲁仄文(S.Arutchelvan) 就感到不舒服。

2. 这篇声明应该利用大马人民之声的名义发出吗?









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