Saturday, 6 October 2007

HRSC: Worker claimed compensation from former company

5 October 2007

File Name: SJB/HRSC/NKH07/05

Super Five Star Agency

No. 47, Jalan Besi 1,

Taman Sri Puteri,

81300 Skudai, Johor.

Dear Sir,

Status of Employment

Regarding the above matter, we, SUARA RAKYAT MALAYSIA (Johor Bahru Branch) would like to get your serious attention on a status of employment due to Ms. Leong ah Mooi as an employee on your company.

2. For your information, SUARA RAKYAT MALAYSIA (Johor Bahru Branch) is a voluntary based human rights’ support group based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. We have been working on various kinds of human rights’ violations issues in the Southern tip of Malaysia since the year 2001. Our purpose is to uphold the fundamental rights of the oppressed people.

3. Yesterday (4 October 2007), we received Ms. Leong complaint against your company due to her current status of employment. The detailed outcomes of an interview with her, on 4/10/07 can be referred in the attachment. According to her, she had been terminated without any notice and termination form. We claim this is an illegal termination.

4. As a result, we are writing this letter to urge your company give a reasonable reason and follow the Labour act. We are ready to provide any necessary assistance so that their problems could be overcome within one week.

Thank you for your concerns.

Yours faithfully,

Nyam Kee Han

Service Centre Coordinator


S.k: Jabatan Sumber Tenaga Pekerja

Attachment of Interview Outcomes:

Worker Name: Leong Ah Mooi
IC number: 521002-01- 5222
Ms. Leong’s statement –

“Saya sebagai penjual tiket di Super Five Star Agency bermula pada April 2006 yang bertapak di Taman Sri Putri. Setahu saya, majikan ini mempunyai dua cawangan di Taman Sri Putri dan Taman Ungku Tun Aminah masing-masing ialah Yuli Agency dan Sin Yong Express Agency. Saya sebagai pekerja tetap di Taman Sri Putri.

Disebabkan Super Five Star Agency dan Yuli Agency bertapak di Taman Sri Putri, saya sentiasa disuruh untuk bekerja ganti jika mana-mana agency itu kekurangan kakitangan. Saya sentiasa ikut seperti mana yang disuruh oleh majikan saya.

Pada 2/10/2007, lebih kurang pukul 9.30pm, saya seperti biasa disuruh untuk ganti bekerja di Yuli Agency. Bila saya sampai ke Yuli Agency, seorang rakan pekerja suruh saya balik semula ke Super Five Star Agency. Saya pun ikut apa yang disuruh olehnya. Semasa balik ke Super Five Star Agency, saya dimarah oleh Boss saya dalam telefon dan suruh saya supaya berhenti kerja serta-merta. Saya berasa sangat hairan ke atas tindakan majikan terhadap saya.

Gaji bulanan saya ialah RM700 dan RM50 sebagai alaun. Gaji dibayar setiap setengah bulan. Pada hari itu, saya diberhenti tanpa notis hentian kerja. Saya disuruh untuk ambil gaji dua hari kemudian iaitu 5 october. Gaji yang dibayar kepada saya adalah gaji bulan lepas iaitu 15 Setember hingga 30 September sahaja. Oleh sebab saya dibehenti pada 2 Octorber, gaji yang sepatut dibayar sekurang-kurangnya hingga ke 2 October. Selain itu, saya masih mempunyai 5 hari annual leave.

Oleh sebab itu, saya meminta supaya majikan menjelaskan statut saya sekarang. Selain itu majikan patut bayar wang pampasan dan gaji yang sepatut dan munasabah kepada saya.”


通告 Notification


  • 兴权会2.0领导乌达雅古玛 (P. Uthayakumar)
  • 人权律师西蒂卡欣 (Siti Kasim)
  • 自由撰稿人及评论人唐南发(Josh Hong)
  • 媒体工作者及评论人蓝志锋(Lum Chih Feng)





(1)朱信杰 017-7721511
(2)钟立薇 012-7177187
(3)吴振宇 013-7778320

Forum to be held on 21 September in commemoration of 18th anniversary

We will be organising “Mahathir returns to power after regime change in the 14th General Election, A progression or regression of the democratic reform movement?” forum cum buffet in commemoration of our 18th Anniversary. The following 4 experts have accepted the invitation to become our panel speakers:
  • P. Uthayakumar – Leader of Hindraf 2.0
  • Siti Kasim – Human rights lawyer
  • Josh Hong - Freelance writer and commentator
  • Lum Chih Feng – Media worker and commentator
All 4 panel speakers will present papers, deliver speeches and answer questions on the theme of the forum. After the event, we will also be uploading the paper and video of the speeches of the panel speakers to Sahabat Rakyat blog( reference material for the public. Through this forum, we hope to inspire more leaders of democratic parties, organisations, scholars and peoples of all walks of life to make more contribution to the democratic reform movement of our country.

Particulars of the event are as follows:
Date: 21 September 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 2:00pm – 5:30pm
Venue: Cathay Restaurant Kulai, Johor
Buffet will start upon the completion of the forum, concurrent with the sharing session
. We welcome all who are concerned with the political developments in Malaysia to attend this event and join the buffet meal. (Admission is free, but please register in advance so that we can make necessary arrangement for food. If you are interested, please fill in contact person in charge below)

9 September - Published the English rendition of an article of value for reference

On 9 September this year (the actual day of our anniversary), we had published an English rendition of the "Probing into the sufferings of Singapore's left-wing labour movement in the 1960s (Part II)" originally written in Chinese by Chng Min Oh, a former trade union leader in Singapore on Sahabat Rakyat blog, as a gift of our anniversary. This English rendition was translated by personnel delegated by the Secretariat of Sahabat Rakyat. This article provides a historical lesson learned about the destruction bore from within of the anti-colonial independence movement of the people of Malaya and Singapore plotted by the enemy, and constitutes revelatory reference material to the realistic issues that this coming forum is probing into.

Sahabat Rakyat is an ideological exchange platform that focuses on promoting democratic human rights movement in our country. All committee members of Sahabat Rakyat are volunteers. We adhere to the stance of being independent and autonomous, we adopt the principle of being self-reliant, thrifty and hard work, and strive to promote the development of the democratic human rights movement toward the right direction.
We welcome those who are generous hearted to sponsor this event and other work that we carry out. For those who are interested to sponsor, please contact:

(1)Choo Shinn Chei 017-7721511
(2)Cheng Lee Whee 012-7177187
(3)Ngo Jian Yee 013-7778320



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