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SUARAM KL Press Statement: Arrests of two activists in JB a disrespect of Constitutional rights and blatant abuse of power, release the two immediatel

Press Statement: 18 June 2007

2 SUARAM activists, Nyam Kee Han and See Siew Mun, arrested for leafleting at a demonstration in Johor Bahru yesterday (17 June 2007) have yet to be released by the police. The police will obtain remand orders for the two from the Johor Bahru Magistrate Court today.

Nyam and See were leafleting at a demonstration in front of Menteri Besar's residence, Johor Bahru on 17 June 2007. The demonstration was calling for MB's attention and action on the rising crime rates in Johor Bahru. During the demonstration, the two activists distributed leaflets calling for the setting up of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC). When the demonstration almost ended, the police suddenly arrested the two activists.

The arbitrary arrests are clear examples of abuse of power by the police, misusing their authority to intimidate those who tried to expose the slack attitude of the police force in resolving crimes.

SUARAM condemns strongly the arbitrary arrest of the two activists. In a time when crime rates are soaring high, the actions of the police in intimidating the activists, who were merely exercising their Constitutional rights, instead of busting crimes have yet again proven to be a waste of public monies. The police have yet again failed to carry out its duties to protect the fundamental right of the people to live without fear, but instead have instilled fear of the public by abusing their powers.

We demand that the police respect the people’s Constitutional rights to freedom of assembly and expression. We call on the police to immediately and unconditionally release the 2 arrested activists.

We further reiterate our demand on the setting up of the IPCMC – the only step that could put a stop to the blatant abuse of powers that is more and more unbecoming, as was is seen in the arbitrary arrests of the two activists in Johor Bahru.

For more information, please contact Moon Hui, tel: 012 7209981.


通告 Notification


作为坚守“独立自主”和“与民同在”的立场的一个民间组织,人民之友在上个月对即将来临的第14届全国大选投票,发表了一篇以华文书写的意见书,题为:投票支持"反对国家伊斯兰化的候选人": 反对巫统霸权统治!莫让马哈迪帮派"复辟"!。



The English and Malay renditions of Sahabat Rakyat’s opinions about next election will be published here consecutively

As an NGO which upholds “independent and autonomous” position and "always be with the people" principle, Sahabat Rakyat had released a Chinese-written statement of views with regard to the voting in the upcoming 14th General Election, entitled “Vote for candidates who are against State Islamisation: Oppose UMNO hegemonic rule! Prevent the return to power of Mahathir’s faction!”

The English rendition of this statement will be published in our blog in the near future whereas the Malay rendition will be published next month (November). Please stay tuned!

We hope that our position and views pertaining to the next General Election expressed in the statement will be accurately and widely disseminated and also examined by the popular masses of various ethnicities and social strata through their involvement in the struggle of the next General Election carried out by various political parties and their practices in all fields in future.

Akan datang: Penerbitan penterjemahan pendapat Sahabat Rakyat mengenai pilihan raya ke-14 dalam Bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Melayu

Sebagai sebuah pertubuhan masyarakat yang berpendirian teguh tentang prinsip "bebas dan berautonomi" dan “sentiasa berdampingan dengan rakyat jelata”, Sahabat Rakyat telah menerbitkan kenyataan tentang pandangan kami terhadap Pilihan Raya Umum ke-14 yang akan datang yang bertajuk "Undilah calon yang menentang Pengislaman Negera: Menentang pemerintahan hegemoni UMNO! Jangan benarkan puak Mahathir kembali memerintah! "

Penterjemahan Bahasa Inggeris kenyataan tersebut akan diterbitkan dalam blog kita dalam waktu terdekat manakala penterjemahan Bahasa Melayu akan diterbitkan pada bulan hadapan.

Kami berharap pendirian dan pandangan kami berkenaan pilihan raya kali ini yang dinyatakan dalam kenyataan tersebut dapat disebarkan dengan tepat dan meluas untuk diuji dalam kalangan rakyat semua bangsa semua strata sosial melalui penglibatan mereka dalam amalan pelbagai parti politik dalam pertempuran pilihan raya umum kali ini mahupun masa depan.

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